Click on the images to see some of the great applications for printed rollerblinds or roller blinds online. PromoBlinds provides endless options for promotion, branding and advertising using printed blinds. Let your imagination run wild and see what you can create. Our advanced print capabilities allow you to recreate vibrant images and colours onto roller blinds. Print your logo, creative images, artwork and contact details onto our unique range of sheer and blockout blinds or blackout blinds. These rollerblinds are ideal for business, retail and commercial applications. At night the backlit blinds we can supply will act like light boxes promoting your business to pedestrian and vehicular traffic as it passes by. UV stabilised inks are used to prevent fading and ensure your investment will look great and promote your business for years to come. Premium quality fittings and fabrication further ensure longevity and return on investment for your rollerblinds. Our belief in our product is backed by a 3 year warranty on all products sold by PromoBlinds in Australia. Offices and shops often have windows facing busy streets. Now you can use this space to build business and create a brand.

Printed Rollerblinds can help to

  • Promote your business to your community
  • Create a strong brand
  • Advertise what you do
  • Let people know how to contact you
  • Inspire those who work with you

Contact PromoBlinds today to discuss how we can maximise exposure to your local community and passers by.

Looking for images or ideas, checkout to see examples of our extensive image collections for roller blinds online.

Custom printed roller blinds as modern window treatments
Custom printed roller blinds
Custom printed roller blind window treatments
Custom printed roller blinds
Custom printed roller blinds
Custom printed roller blind
Custom printed roller blind
Hair dresser window