Interior Blinds

Use custom printed interior blinds as unique interior design and decorating ideas

Use custom printed interior blinds as unique interior design and decorating ideas

Looking for unique interior design ideas or interior decorating ideas? Use custom printed interior blinds to brand your home or office and create awesome rooms and inspiring work spaces.

Inspirational images and artwork can be printed on custom window blinds which can then be used to create unique and uplifting places in which to work and live.

You can print vibrant colours and images onto our range of blockout and opaque materials to bring your office spaces and meeting rooms to life, whilst reducing glare and heat and increasing privacy.

The sheer and blockout materials that we use on our blockout blinds or blackout blinds will suit a variety of requirements.

Unique Interior Decorating, Decoration or Design Ideas

Have you ever considered custom printed interior blinds for windows as unqiue interior design ideas? If you’re looking for interior decoration ideas, consider a custom printed window blind for interior decoration. Ideal for your home office and for around the home.

Spice up your kitchen, lounge rooms, kids rooms and to give any space a unique and inspiring look.

Custom printed interior blinds can be used …

  • To create a unique and memorable living space in lounge Use custom printed interior blinds as unique interior design and decorating ideasrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms
  • To decorate a childs bedroom with their favorite character or theme
  • To brand and promote your business
  • To reinforce your corporate message or mantra
  • To inspire and motivate staff
  • To reduce glare and heat
  • As unique interior design & decoration ideas.

UV stabalised inks are used to prevent fading and ensure your investment in custom printed image blinds will look great for many years to come.

The premium quality fittings we use and our fabrication process further ensure longevity and a positive return on your investment.

Our belief in our custom printed interior blinds is backed by a 3 year warranty on all image blind products sold by Promoblinds in Australia.

How to order custom interior blinds

If you’re looking for unique images or interior decor ideas using printed window blinds, checkout to see examples and our extensive image collections. You can use any of our images to design and order your custom printed interior window roller blinds now.

Or, contact Promoblinds today to discuss how we can help you with custom printed interior blinds designs for inspirational spaces in your home or office.