How to measure – Recess Mount

How to measure for a Recess Mount (fitting the blind inside the window frame)

Blinds mounted inside the window frame for a neat, custom look.

Make sure you have enough depth to mount the blind inside the frame.

60mm will be sufficient.

Less will result in the blind protruding out of the recess.

  1. Measure the width from the inside of the window frame from left side to right side.
  2. Making sure to measure at the top of the inside of the window frame and not the bottom, as this is where the brackets will be mounted.
  3. Measure the drop from the top of the inside of the window frame to the bottom of the window.
  4. Decide if the chain is to go on the left or right.

Recess-MountAll roller blinds use fixtures which extend slightly beyond the actual width of the blind. So, if your roller blind is to be fitted WITHIN THE WINDOW RECESS, the actual width of the fabric of your blind will be slightly narrower (approximately 35mm) than the width measurement you give us, in order to allow for fitting and smooth operating of your roller blind within the window recess.

You do not need to make any adjustments to the width or length of your blind measurements.

We will make all the necessary adjustments for you based on your measurements.